How Agent Rachel Luba and Trevor Bauer are Changing Baseball for the Better

The 2020-2021 free agent class has shown to have a ton of talent but, as it pertains to starting pitching, there is a clear and obvious Goliath: Trevor Bauer. Bauer is coming off of his best season by far, and one of the most impressive 11-start runs in the history of baseball that won him the NL Cy Young. He now enters free agency at the age of 30, and is about to have all of the hard work he has put in to getting better every season pay off. Bauer is not an ordinary player in any sense of the word. He puts his whole world out there for people to see and gives a behind the scenes look at what being in the MLB is like. Free agency is something that all fans wonder about, but have no idea how it actually goes down. Thankfully, for curious fans like myself, Trevor Bauer and his agent, Rachel Luba, have taken to social media to show us what is going on in their lives during this extremely interesting time. They post weekly videos that detail their schedules and what is going on within their team. It shows how Trevor is staying ready for the 2021 season and how Agent Luba is working to get Bauer exactly the deal he is looking for. This is amazing for baseball. It humanizes the player and shows what free agency really looks like from both the player and the agent perspective.

Being a Mets fan, I did not get to watch Bauer much over the past 5 years but, just from watching the content he puts out, it feels like I know more about him and his agent than any Mets player I’ve ever watched. The whole situation reminds me of what LeBron James, Rich Paul, and Maverick Carter are trying to do for NBA players. Klutch Sports Group (Paul) and UNINTERRUPTED (Carter) are becoming an extremely popular destination for NBA players because they are preaching what the athletes want to hear: “More Than an Athlete.” They’ve done amazing things for their players on the court, as well as important issues like social justice, as it has become a norm for athletes to speak their minds, which was not a given in the past. UNINTERRUPTED aims to humanize their players, while Klutch gives them the best representation possible. This seems to be the exact goal of Bauer and Luba. Bauer started his own media company, Momentum, and is sharing his life with the fans and giving his opinion on the baseball world and really anything that is on his mind. He is showing that he is not a robot who goes out and throws a baseball every 5 days, but rather he is a human who has real feelings and emotions and works super hard to make sure he is ready to pitch on that 5th (or sometimes 4th) day. Luba has her baseball version of LeBron as both are attempting to change the sport and the perception of the athletes who play the sport.

Trevor Bauer And His Agent Eviscerate MLB's 'Laughable' Proposal For  Returning To Play – BroBible

Rachel Luba’s client list is not as long as that of Scott Boras yet, but I imagine that will begin to change as other players see what is going on this offseason. Bauer is going to get paid, and paid well, and Luba Sports LLC will have the opportunity to grow. I really think what these two have created, with the help of their entire team, is a movement that is going to change baseball forever, and for the better. As for the critics, I get it. Change is hard, but sometimes change is necessary for something to reach its full potential. Baseball players being vocal and agents having a voice on twitter and calling out fake news articles about their clients should not be something fans see and think “Wow that’s bold”; it should be a norm.

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