Free Agent Breakdown: Marcus Semien

Over the next month or so I am going to be doing free agent break downs. I believe this market is going to be extremely slow as teams re-evaluate their finances after a covid season, so we should have time to get plenty of these done before everyone signs. Player Breakdown Marcus Semien is aContinue reading “Free Agent Breakdown: Marcus Semien”

Dark Horse Names in the Trade Market

This free agency is absolutely loaded with talent with the top 5 names being players that could completely change a franchise. With that being said, there are only 5 of those players which means, at the minimum, there will be 25 other teams who missed out and need to find other ways to bolster theirContinue reading “Dark Horse Names in the Trade Market”

Mets Coincidentally Choose Not to Hire GM

Two weeks ago, on November 10th, the Mets formally introduced Steve Cohen as the new owner of the team and Sandy Alderson as the new president. The two talked to the media of their plans to turn the franchise from lovable loser into perennial champion. Mets fans loved every single word they heard as Cohen and Alderson repeatedly saidContinue reading “Mets Coincidentally Choose Not to Hire GM”