5 Potential Blockbuster Trades That Would Shake Up the League

Slowly but surely, the MLB Free Agents are finally starting to come off the board as George Springer signs with the Blue Jays and Michael Brantley re-signs with the Astros. This market has been one of the slowest ever and it seems teams would rather trade for talent rather than give long term commitments toContinue reading “5 Potential Blockbuster Trades That Would Shake Up the League”

The “6-year Window” Theory: What it is and How it Works

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a theory about successful baseball teams and how most organizations should try to run. Yes, there will always be exceptions but I have a rule of thumb. I call it: the “6-year window”.  Now what does this mean exactly? Allow me to explain. We’ve seen that most teams that becomeContinue reading “The “6-year Window” Theory: What it is and How it Works”

5 Potential Landing Spots for Willson Contreras

Today, it was reported by Bob Nightengale that the Cubs are now shopping their 28-year-old catcher Willson Contreras. Contreras has been one of the best and most consistent catchers in the league since 2017 and has major power upside and one of the best arms in the league. I imagine there will be many teamsContinue reading “5 Potential Landing Spots for Willson Contreras”

Looking at Every Team’s Biggest Homerun Ever: AL East

Prologue Stahead.com has a statistic that can calculate the percent change in World Series Chances based on a single play in a game. I used this data to find the most important homerun in every single team’s history. I am going to make six separate posts for each division going through every single team’s biggestContinue reading “Looking at Every Team’s Biggest Homerun Ever: AL East”

The Secret to Winning Baseball Games

Free agency is the time for 29 of the 30 teams in the league to look at their rosters and try to figure out why they either didn’t make the playoffs or, if they did, why they didn’t win the World Series. It gives teams a chance to regroup and add or remove players fromContinue reading “The Secret to Winning Baseball Games”

What to Do if You Don’t Keep LeMahieu

2020’s COVID-19 impacted season has taken a toll on the budget of nearly the entire league. The Yankees included? The Evil Empire has been notorious for being the big spender of the league. Look no further than 2017, when they traded for Giancarlo’s massive $325 million contract, and in December of 2019 when they broughtContinue reading “What to Do if You Don’t Keep LeMahieu”

Free Agent Breakdown: Corey Kluber

Player Breakdown Corey Kluber is coming off a season in which he made one, yes one, start for the Texas Rangers. In 20 years, naming all of the teams Corey Kluber played for is going to be an extremely hard trivia question as everyone is going to forget about his tenure in Texas. Last season,Continue reading “Free Agent Breakdown: Corey Kluber”

Billions Lost: How the COVID-19 Affected 2020 MLB Season Might Impact the Future of the Sport.

In what has been a very backwards year for everyone, baseball person or not, the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic can wreak havoc on the sport of baseball for the next few years… at least. With effectively every team reporting major losses after the absence of fans for the entirety of the season, thereContinue reading “Billions Lost: How the COVID-19 Affected 2020 MLB Season Might Impact the Future of the Sport.”

Can Gary Sanchez perform in what seems to be his “last chance” with the Yankees?

THE BRONX, NY– Yankee fans like myself have been between a metaphorical rock and a hard place when it comes to slugger Gary Sanchez over the past few years, with much of the fanbase ready to move on from the now 28-year-old former all-star. But I have asked myself, “is it too soon?” Is thereContinue reading “Can Gary Sanchez perform in what seems to be his “last chance” with the Yankees?”

Free Agent Breakdown: Marcus Semien

Over the next month or so I am going to be doing free agent break downs. I believe this market is going to be extremely slow as teams re-evaluate their finances after a covid season, so we should have time to get plenty of these done before everyone signs. Player Breakdown Marcus Semien is aContinue reading “Free Agent Breakdown: Marcus Semien”