Free Agent Breakdown: Michael Brantley

Player Breakdown Michael Brantley started his career as a seventh round draft pick by the Milwaukee Brewers. He was traded to the Indians as a Player to be Named Later as part of the CC Sabathia deal. I’m sure Milwaukee still regrets sending him over to this day. Brantley’s first and second year with ClevelandContinue reading “Free Agent Breakdown: Michael Brantley”

Doomed: Can the Red Sox Develop Jay Groome?

Jay Groome looked like the real deal coming out of the 2016 MLB Draft, as the 12th overall pick by the Red Sox coming out of Barnegat High School in Barnegat Township, New Jersey. A blazing fastball that topped out in the high 90’s with solid control of his off-speed pitches. He fits the buildContinue reading “Doomed: Can the Red Sox Develop Jay Groome?”