The “6-year Window” Theory: What it is and How it Works

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a theory about successful baseball teams and how most organizations should try to run. Yes, there will always be exceptions but I have a rule of thumb. I call it: the “6-year window”.  Now what does this mean exactly? Allow me to explain. We’ve seen that most teams that becomeContinue reading “The “6-year Window” Theory: What it is and How it Works”

A Drive Down I-65: Why the White Sox Should Add Sonny Gray

Sonny Gray has had his name in trade rumors before, back in 2017 when he was dealt from the A’s to the Yankees, and again in 2019 when he was traded from the Yankees to his current home as a front-line starter for the Cincinnati Reds. Now, as the Reds seem to have missed theirContinue reading “A Drive Down I-65: Why the White Sox Should Add Sonny Gray”

Prospects Set to Make an Impact in 2021

Over the course of the 2020 season we saw a lot of top prospects make their MLB debuts, some we saw coming and others not so much. Sixto Sanchez, Ian Anderson, Luis Robert and Kyle Lewis were just some of the top guys to come up through the system and help their clubs in 2020.Continue reading “Prospects Set to Make an Impact in 2021”

Free Agent Breakdown: Corey Kluber

Player Breakdown Corey Kluber is coming off a season in which he made one, yes one, start for the Texas Rangers. In 20 years, naming all of the teams Corey Kluber played for is going to be an extremely hard trivia question as everyone is going to forget about his tenure in Texas. Last season,Continue reading “Free Agent Breakdown: Corey Kluber”