Cubs Fans: It’s Time for the Rebuild

Cubs fans, if you are reading this, I am sorry. In 2016, the Chicago Cubs, led by the Theo Epstien regime, were at the height of baseball stardom. Young budding superstars like MVP Kris Bryant, All-star and fan favorite Anthony Rizzo, and current franchise player/ super star Javy Baez, among others, were winning games andContinue reading “Cubs Fans: It’s Time for the Rebuild”

The Rockstar GM: A.J. Preller

In 2014, the Padres hired A.J. Preller to be their new GM. Today, Preller traded for Blake Snell and Yu Darvish to try and put together a rotation to take the NL West crown away from the Dodgers. How did Preller turn the Padres from a horrible franchise that had made the playoffs 5 timesContinue reading “The Rockstar GM: A.J. Preller”